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Physiotherapy for Patients With Diabetes

Physical Therapy (from the Greek. Physis - in kind and therapy) is a branch of medicine that uses the physiological effects of natural (water, air, solar heat and light) and artificial (electric current, magnetic field, etc.) of physical factors in the treatment of certain diseases .

In the treatment of diabetes using a number of physiotherapy techniques. Very often, patients are electrophoresis. This method is based on the exposure of the body by direct current and medicinal materials. With the current medicines into the body through mucous membranes or skin. When diabetes is used electrophoresis of zinc, copper electrophoresis, electrophoresis of potassium. Electrophoresis of zinc has beneficial effects on the state of the islets of Langerhans which produce insulin. Electrophoresis of copper improves the reduction-oxidation, reduces blood sugar levels. Diabetes is often accompanied by polyuria, that is, the increased amount of urine separation. In this regard, the body loses potassium. That is why diabetes often prescribe electrophoresis of potassium to make up for the missing trace mineral.

In addition, the use of magnesium electrophoresis in the general procedure for the neck area or on Shcherbak, as well as on the liver area. Magnesium is very important for the organism of the patient with diabetes mellitus. This trace mineral is involved in redox processes, lowers cholesterol. Electrophoresis of the neck of calcium reduces blood glucose levels. Electrophoresis of nicotinic acid on the epigastrium improves the function of the pancreas. In diabetes often occur microangiopathy of the lower extremities, which are accompanied by pain. In this case, patients administered iodine-novocaine-electrophoresis.
This method is also used in the treatment of hypertonicity of the vessels. When angiopathies of the lower limbs with peripheral neuropathy are often assigned electrophoresis of 5% sodium thiosulfate. He entered with a negative pole to the region of gastrocnemius muscle. When angiopathies of the lower extremities is also assigned to electrophoresis with novocaine lumbar krestuovuyu area. It promotes the expansion of lower extremities, thereby decreasing pain. In the treatment of diabetic retinopathy is widely used medicinal electrophoresis. It has a resolving, anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic action. If you are experiencing bleeding, the use of heparin electrophoresis. If a patient suffers from multiple sclerosis retinal vessels, using electrophoresis, a solution of potassium iodide. When angiospasm, degenerative changes of the retina using electrophoresis of nicotinic acid, a mixture of aloe with vitamin E, S. In the complex treatment of diabetes used a beneficial effect of magnetic field on the metabolic processes in the body. That is why diabetics assigned to the magnet projection area of the pancreas. Usually the course of treatment is 12 sessions. At the same after the first 3-5 sessions a decrease in blood sugar.

Magnetic therapy is used in diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot. The magnetic field has angioprotective, analgesic, immunomodulating, trophico-regulatory effects. After an increase in the magneto speed of about nerve impulse along the nerve fibers and peripheral blood flow. Markedly reduced pain in the extremities, less concerned about patients cramps and paresthesia, increased muscular activity, there are beneficial changes in the sensitivity of the foot.
For the treatment of neuropathies, used inductothermy angiopathies of the lower extremities. Inductothermy - a method of electrotherapy, which uses a magnetic field of high frequency. The duration of a procedure - 15 - 20 min. Sessions are held either every day or every other day. The course of treatment consists of 10-12 procedures. The impact of an alternating magnetic field significantly improves blood and lymph circulation, therefore, is a very effective method of treatment. Also effective in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This treatment with oxygen under high pressure. This method is capable of eliminating all forms of hypoxia that occur in diabetes. That is why the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical complex with various forms of diabetes. Observations show that after the second session, patients feel much better. The general course of treatment consists of 10-12 sessions. Each session lasts 40-60 minutes. After about their management of patients are able to significantly reduce the dose of insulin and other medications. When diabetes is usually oxygen-reduced function of the blood. Therefore, there is oxygen starvation of tissues and organs.
Oxygen treatment reduces hypoxia in various organs and tissues, thus improving vision and hearing, as well as blood circulation in the limbs. It is also important that as a result of the procedures activated the activity of cells of the pancreas. Keep in mind that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is contraindicated in those suffering from claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces), and epilepsy.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a form of oxygen treatment includes the use of oxygen inside the foam. This procedure is very useful for obesity, combined with diabetes mellitus. Ingestion of oxygen foam helps to reduce body weight. This is based on the fact that the foam expands the stomach, making the patient feel satiety and eating less. Foam take 2 - 3 times a day for 1 hour before meals. Oxygen has beneficial effects on oxidative processes in the body. Oxygen foam is made from infusions and decoctions of herbs with the addition of whipped egg whites. The finished foam should foam, passing through her oxygen. This is done through a special apparatus. The course of treatment varies from 3 to 6 months. During treatment, patients must be under medical supervision.
When using acupuncture neuropathy. Special needles are inserted into the biologically active points. Usually carried out 2 - 3 courses of treatment, each of which includes several sessions. The result of treatment is improvement of general condition. And most importantly, significantly improved nerve conduction, increases the sensitivity of the lower limbs, decrease pain. In addition to using acupressure, electroacupuncture and laser acupuncture.
In the treatment of diabetes is used and plasmapheresis. The essence of this method is that the plasma is removed and replaced with the patient's blood plasma substitutes. Such treatment is usually given in renal failure and in septic complications. Very effective in treatment of diabetes is ozone therapy. The use of medical ozone increases the permeability of cell membranes to glucose. Can achieve this effect by stimulating the pentose phosphate shunt, and aerobic glycolysis.

As a result, glucose enters the tissue better, decreases hyperglycemia. Carried out the oxidation of glucose to the final products. Ozone affects the exchange of glucose in erythrocytes. Tissues receive more oxygen, hypoxia is eliminated. Ozone therapy can prevent development of pathological processes such as neuropathy, arthropathy, angiopathy. In addition, ozone has immunomodulatory effects. It is very important to diabetes type 1, because it increases the tendency to chronic infections and inflammation of the skin against the backdrop of a weakened immune system. The basis of ozone therapy - intravenous administration of OS (ozonized physiological solution). Procedures are carried out through the day. Total course of treatment is 10-14 procedures. Can also be rectal administration of ozone.
During treatment, necessarily exercise control over blood glucose levels. If necessary, adjusted dose glucose-lowering drugs, the ozone-oxygen mixture because it has a hypoglycemic effect. Often in the course of therapy decreases the amount of glucose-lowering drugs.

Ozone treatment significantly improves performance, normalizes sleep. The general condition of the patient improves. There was also a reduction in blood sugar levels, increases immunity. Repeated treatments are necessary after 3 - 6 months.

In severe forms of diabetes treatment is carried out with great care. Can suddenly worsen, because the antioxidant defense system is broken.

For physiotherapy and hydrotherapy methods include, or hydrotherapy. The essence of this method - in the external application of water. It could be pouring, wraps, shower, bath, wiping, etc. Various water treatment stimulates blood flow and lymph flow.

As a result, water treatment increases lymph and blood flow to a particular area, improved nutrition and respiration of cells in this area. This is beneficial for tissue repair and for the whole body.

Therapeutic effects of water based on the fact that by warming or cooling. Hot water dilates blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow and lymph flow in a certain place. Cold water, however, leads to a narrowing of veins and arteries. On this site reduces the amount of blood and lymph. The alternation of hot and cold water can bring fresh portions of oxygen and nutrients in a particular area of the body. Hydrotherapy is used in the complex sanatorium treatment, as well as in everyday life. Every patient with diabetes may use a contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water. It has beneficial effects on the nervous system, blood circulation, has a tonic and invigorating action.
Some caution should be exercised in a decreased sensitivity of limbs, which often occurs in patients with diabetes mellitus. Using excessively hot water can cause burns because the patient does not always feel right temperature. It is undesirable to use and extremely cold water, so as not to catch cold. And the rest of hydrotherapy - an effective, affordable and secure method. However, preliminary medical consultation is still necessary.

Balneotherapy (from Latin. Balnem - bath, bathing) for at least an effective treatment for patients with diabetes. This method is based on the treatment of natural or artificially prepared mineral waters. Balneotherapy is used in complex sanatorium treatment. For more information on it is written in the thematic section of the sanitary-health resort treatment on an information portal on vital

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