Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Most Useful Juice in Diabetes Mellitus - Berry Juices

To your attention the second part series of articles on juice in diabetes mellitus. Today will tell about the benefits of berry juices.

Tomato juice

Tomatoes - it's not sweet berries of the family. However, the habits we consider them vegetables. Tomato prepares everybody's favorite tomato juice.

Scientists say tomato juice good for diabetics. It thins the blood by slowing down platelet aggregation. As we know, excessive blood clotting in diabetics leads to vascular disease, is often the cause of heart attacks and strokes.

As part of tomato juice a lot of malic and citric acids, which favorably affect the activity of the biological processes of the human body. Tomatoes are rich in iron and are useful in anemia, a well relieve stress and nervous disorders.

Tomato juice has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Regular consumption of juice reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, improves eyesight and the bowels.

Sufficient chromium content in tomato juice can monitor glucose levels, and vitamin K strengthens bones. The composition of tomatoes include the following vitamins and trace elements: C, E, PP, and H, calcium, magnesium, selenium, rubidium, etc. This abundance can hardly boast of any other vegetable.

Energy value (100 g): calories - 17 protein - 1 g, fat - 0, carbohydrates - 3,5, the diabetics, doctors recommend a daily drink no more than 250 grams of juice.

GI - 30. Price of fresh tomato juice - from $ 4 per liter.

Blueberry juice

Blueberries - a medicinal plant, natural way of lowering the concentration of glucose. In folk medicine, popular concoctions of berries and leaves, as well as Blueberry nectars and concentrates.

Blueberry juice is rich in tannins and astringents, anti-inflammatory action. It improves memory and eyesight, and effective in preventing renal failure.

Western scientists have conducted tests on the biotransformation of blueberry juice and rind of fruits. By the bacteria Serratia vaccinii managed to get a product with higher antioxidant studies hold promise for treating diabetes and obesity.

According to the medical consumption of fermented blueberry juice reduces blood glucose by 35%. Blueberry juice is a new generation - this is the first step towards the rejuvenation of the body.

Energy value (100 g): calories - 47 protein - 0 g, fats - 1,8 g, carbohydrates - in 1912 Blueberry juice contains vitamin B12, C and E. The recommended rate, taking into account an individual meal plan for diabetes, is 120 g, 2 times a day.

Glycemic Index - 50 (Medium). Price of fresh blueberry juice - from $ 8 per liter.

Cranberry juice

Cranberries called "muskeg berries, which afford to work miracles, because it contains useful flavonoids, slowing down the oxidation process at the level of proteins and lipids. It is eaten raw, added to the dishes, cook juices and fruit drinks.

Best cranberry juice helps, especially with weakened immunity, heart disease, yeast and viral infections. A proanthocyanidins, a part of the marsh berries, prevents the formation of tartar.

Regular consumption of cranberry juice kills harmful bacteria that cause ulcers, lowers "bad" cholesterol, prevents cancer. Cranberry cure for colds, sore throat, high blood pressure, normalizes the skin.

Like bilberry, cranberry juice is effective in kidney and urinary system caused by diabetes. Juice or fruit drink cleanses the ureter from harmful bacteria, relieves inflammation and pain during urination.

Cranberries contain citric acid, vitamin C, hlorogeny, pectin, calcium, manganese, iron and other micronutrients.

Energy value (100 g): calories - 45 protein - 0,4 g, fats - 0,3 g, carbohydrates - glycemic index in 1911 - 50.

Daily rate - 120 g 1 - 2 times a day. Price of fresh cranberry juice - from $ 9 per liter.

In this story about the juices that are useful in diabetes, I have yet been completed. A small announcement: In the near future you will find an interesting publication on the curative properties of berries. Stay tuned.

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