Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Benefits of Artichoke in Diabetes Mellitus

Jerusalem artichoke is easily cultivated and is perhaps the most undemanding plant in the garden. Other name - "artichoke", "Jerusalem artichoke", "wild sunflowers.

This is a perennial herb native to North America. Tubers are irregularly shaped, yellow, light brown and even red. Jerusalem artichoke crop yields in the autumn, but very tolerant of frost, so it may lie in the ground until spring.

Jerusalem artichoke tubers are eaten in raw form, and as part of meals. Has a distinctive sweet taste with a pronounced nutty flavor.

Composition of the Jerusalem artichoke: Protein - 3% inulin - up to 18%, nitrogenous compounds - up to 4%, fructose, vitamins, and carotene. 100 g of Jerusalem artichoke contains about 58 calories. Shelf life: 7-10 days.

The benefits of artichoke health

Jerusalem artichoke - the ideal food for diabetics because it contains inulin (a natural polymer of fructose) , assimilation of these substances the body goes without insulin. Also in the Jerusalem artichoke is a lot of dietary fiber.

Regular consumption eliminates constipation and severe form of intestinal obstruction.

Jerusalem artichoke normalizes metabolism, and therefore can be used as a dietary product in the fight against obesity and overweight.

Tubers of "artichoke" contain practically all the useful and irreplaceable pectins, amino acids, macro and micronutrients and vitamins. Removes from the body toxins, heavy metals and radionuclides, strengthens the immune system.

Jerusalem artichoke - a natural tonic, so doctors recommend it for diseases of the cardiovascular system, which often occur as complications of diabetes.

In Europe, the Jerusalem artichoke and drugs based on it is used to treat pancreatitis, gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension and urolithiasis.

Novosibirsk Institute of Immunology, Jerusalem artichokes recommended as nutritional therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, peptic ulcer disease, anemia, colds, etc.

Cooking artichoke

Therapeutic effect persists regardless of how to cook tubers. So you can safely have Jerusalem artichokes raw, cook, bake, roast and even marinate.

It is not necessary to clean the Jerusalem artichokes like potatoes. The peel contains a lot of iron, so it is well washed and rubbed kitchen brush.

In raw Jerusalem artichoke are added to salads,  roasted and fried tubers are used as toppings for pancakes, pies and cakes. Dried Jerusalem artichoke should be a good grind and brew the coffee.

Doctors recommend a daily basis to eat 1.2 Tuber on an empty stomach 15 minutes before meals.

There are also contraindications. Jerusalem artichoke is not recommended for people affected by strong flatulence, and if you are hypersensitive tissue.

And remember, if you decide to engage in cultivation of artichoke, take care of other useful crops. Jerusalem artichokes are very fast and aggressive breed, depleting the soil.

In future articles I will publish recipes from Jerusalem artichoke, stay tuned.

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